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Jolynn Spinelli and Tracy Horton

Jolynn Spinelli and Tracy Horton

The idea for Imagine it Bakery started to take root early in 2010 but it wasn’t until March of 2012 that the idea became reality.

Over the years our diets became more restrictive due to lifestyle choices and food allergies. We heard similar stories from our customers. Many yearned to eat bread again or dreamt of allowing their children to enjoy a birthday cake on his or her special day. This inspired us to create baked goods that almost anyone could eat free of gluten and common allergens. It was also important to us that our ingredients help sustain a healthy body. Most of our recipes are based on alternative grains and legumes with a focus on higher protein and fiber with less sugar. Ultimately we want our business to evolve into an inspiration and information center for people with food allergies and alternative diets. Everyone should feel free to eat allergy friendly baked goods without worry; Imagine it!

What makes Imagine it Bakery unique is the vision to take classic baked goods, make them allergy friendly and affordable. We are dedicated to making great tasting breads and sweets that people can eat without the fear of having an allergic reaction. It is also very important that we use quality ingredients that are organic, fair trade and local whenever possible. Our ingredients come from producers who have stringent production and cross contamination standards in place. Gluten-free and vegan are common labels these days but allergy friendly is not something most people are aware of. We’re working to change that!

Imagine it Bakery is a dedicated gluten free, dairy free, egg free, peanut free, tree nut* free, soy free and sesame seed free commercial kitchen facility located in Santa Clara CA. Many of our products are also corn free with the exception of baking powder in some products.

Imagine it Bakery dedicated Gluten Free and Vegan Kitchen.

Imagine it Bakery dedicated allergy friendly Kitchen.


*With the exception of coconut.

We use our own dedicated commercial kitchen to prevent cross contamination in producing our line of baked goods. However some ingredients come from manufacturers who also produce products with the eight major allergens. We have done our best to search out producers who have stringent production and cross contamination standards in place. Our ingredients come from trusted sources such as: Ancient HarvestBob’s Red MillEarth BalanceEnjoy LifeLibre NaturalsSpectrum Organics and Wholesome Sweeteners. We list the ingredients in every product on this website. Please feel free to email or call with any questions. (408)477-2687

Food allergies affect more than 12 million Americans, including 6 percent of children under the age of three. Allergic reactions can range from mild to anaphylaxis, a serious condition that can cause hives, swelling, nausea, closing of breathing passages and even death. There is no cure, just the strict avoidance of the offending foods. Ninety percent of all food allergies are caused by eight foods: wheat, dairy, peanut, tree nuts, egg, soy, fish and shellfish. (Livingwithout.com)

For more information on Food Allergy and Anaphylaxis Networks please visit these web sites:

Co-owner of Cosmic Coffee Company

Carlos – Co-owner of Imagine It Bakery and Founder of Cosmic Coffee Company

We have spent several years testing and developing recipes that we are proud of. We hope you will enjoy eating them as much as we have enjoyed baking them.

About Juan Carlos Negrete – Carlos discovered an unknown passion for coffee roasting with the gift of a small home coffee roaster. With the gift of a telescope the name of Cosmic Coffee Company took root.

In 1996 Carlos started working for a Bay Area catering company. This taught him the important art of presentation. He learned the importance of food quality while working as a grill master and prep cook backstage at Shoreline Amphitheater.

In 2003 Carlos and Jolynn were given the opportunity to open their own café in Honolulu, Hawaii. Café Panini offered fresh and healthy handmade soups, sandwiches and salads. They sought out as many local and organic ingredients as possible from other small business island producers. Keeping in line with this Carlos also wanted to offer freshly roasted local coffee and espresso drinks. This led Carlos to visit coffee farms, meeting and talking with coffee farmers and attending coffee conventions.

Carlos has taken many classes with the Specialty Coffee Association of America to expand his knowledge of coffee. He is an International Academy of Specialty Coffee certified Barista and actively supports the Café Femenino Foundation through Organic Products Trading Company.

Carlos is a perfectionist. He is always adjusting his roast profiles to get the best nuanced flavors out of his roasted coffee and tinkering with his brew method and water chemistry for his version of cold brew: Dark Matter.

Jolynn Spinelli Negrete - Recipe Developer and Principle Baker

Jolynn Spinelli Negrete – Recipe Developer and Principle Baker

About Jolynn Spinelli Negrete –  Jolynn started her culinary journey in 1995 as a way to earn extra money between film jobs. She soon realized she enjoyed cooking more than she enjoyed working in the film business. She is a graduate of the Tanté Marie’s Cooking School in San Francisco, California and studied Hospitality and Restaurant Management with The New England Culinary Institute.

Jolynn spent several years working as a cook backstage at Shoreline Amphitheater in Mt. View, California working her way up to Head Chef for the 2002 and 2003 seasons. This is where she met Tracy Horton. In 2003 she and business partner/husband Carlos were offered the opportunity to open their own restaurant in Honolulu, Hawaii. Café Panini was opened in March of 2004. Carlos and Jolynn made a commitment to serve only healthy and delicious food made from scratch. Relying solely on word of mouth advertising this tiny 500 square foot restaurant located at the end of a dead end street in an industrial area with no signage and no parking quietly gained cult status. In 2008 Café Panini received four forks from the Honolulu Advertiser Restaurant Critic Wanda A. Adams and was featured on the Channel 2 KHON morning show with Manolo Morales. Jolynn is the author of “What’s the Soup?” cookbook; a cookbook based on the soups she made daily for Café Panini.

In 2011 the decision was made to sell Café Panini because of Jolynn’s struggles with health related food challenges. Carlos and Jolynn relocated to the Bay Area and in 2012 partnered with Tracy Horton to open Imagine it Bakery and Cosmic Coffee Company. Imagine it Bakery is dedicated to baking for people with food allergies.

Thank you for choosing Imagine It Bakery.
Carlos, Jolynn and Tracy
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