Allergy Friendly Cakes

Please take note about our Bakery schedule. We are fully booked til January 9th 2018. All new orders must be scheduled for pick up after January 10th 2018, this date may be updated at anytime.

Cake is always a special treat for any celebration. As with all our products our cakes are gluten free, soy free, dairy free, egg free and nut free and are produced in our own dedicated allergy friendly commercial kitchen facility. We are a nut free facility however we do have coconut products in our kitchen which some people consider a fruit (we’re in this category) and some people consider a tree nut. If you have doubts about a coconut allergy contact your doctor to be tested. Save room for dessert!

What we offer: All our cakes are a six inch round double layer with vanilla icing. This cake will serve four to eight people. We have several cake flavors to choose from: Chocolate, Vanilla, Coconut or Lemon. All cake flavors are thirty five dollars each.

What we don’t offer: Tiers, deliveries, custom colors, custom decorations or writing of any kind.

How to order: We ask for a minimum of two weeks lead time for all orders and we do book up quickly so please plan accordingly. You may call us or email to place an order.  All orders must be paid in full at the time of the order.

How to cancel an order: If for some reason you must cancel your order we will refund your purchase price if and only if you cancel within seven (7) days of the scheduled pick up. If you need to cancel between six (6) and three (3) days before the scheduled pick up we will refund your purchase price minus a fifteen (15) percent credit card processing fee. There will be no refunds with a cancellation of two (2) days or less.

Where to pick up: You may pick up at our production facility in Santa Clara Tuesday through Friday between 11am and 1pm or at a weekend farmers market between 9am and 1pm. If you choose to pick up at a farmers market please make sure to confirm with us that there will be a farmers market the weekend of your pick up. Our production facility is located in the Lafayette Business Park. This is a four building complex located at the stop light of Lafayette and Reed. We are in building 1920 Unit G. Pick ups at our production facility are by appointment only Tuesday through Friday.